Sheraton G. Munford shares excerpts from Confirming Theories

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Confirming Theories


    Confirming Theories challenges people to look past the surface of what they see in their everyday experiences by exploring what lies beneath them. It attempts to give understanding to puzzling human behaviors and answer everyday questions that people ask themselves about some of life's paradoxes.

    The subjects are generalized in as few words as possible and use simple terms to allow reading ease and examples in order to provide a clear understanding. The reading is mentally-stimulating, mind-expanding fun, designed to provoke deep thinking, and debates on the topics mentioned. Keep in mind that these are only theories. It is the responsibility of the reader to decide whether or not they agree with the topics that are illustrated by exploring their own beliefs about them.

    There are interactive pages in the book which allow the reader to give reasons why they do or do not support the theories. Confirmation of what you have thought about, can now lead to belief. The theories may be controversial, however, please read with an open mind and give serious thought to the theories of Sheraton G. Munford.

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